Driver Support helps customers save time by simplifying the search, selection, and installation processes that are necessary to find and install the right drivers and improve computer performance and usability

Driver SupportStatistically, 90% of Americans who own a computer-based gadget are bound to encounter driver-related issues. This is exactly the area of expertise for the Austin-based company founded in 1996, Driver Support. The company’s expert team currently services over 600 device manufacturers and resolves more than 5,000 support requests every single day in countries around the world.

The universal software and associated services company changed the IT landscape by introducing cutting-edge driver scanning technology, driver update enterprise software, and customizable user interfaces. This highly specialized approach has enabled the expert team at Drivers Support to help customers save time by simplifying the search, selection, and installation processes that are necessary to find and install the right drivers for PC devices. The result is a streamlined and transparent download process that provides customers with drivers for almost all major manufacturers, improving computer performance and usability.

Driver Support has developed an innovative approach to diagnose and resolve PC issues resulting in optimization of the overall PC performance. Accurate driver matching plays a significant role in the success of this process, which is why Driver Support has created a robust, industry-leading database, which has become the most accurate match system available on the market. Based on their ingenious proprietary software for use in customizable user interfaces, Driver Support has developed a tool that can be easily downloaded by customers and put to use immediately. No matter whether a customer just connected a new device, like a printer or a webcam, needs new drivers after re-installing Windows, or is troubleshooting a driver-related issue, Driver Support is there to assist and speed up the process.

Live-assisted installation of the first driver with a service professional is absolutely free for all registered customers and members that enroll in a one-year subscription for only $29.95 who can use the tool in a fully unlocked mode, update their system on a regular basis, and monitor for specific plug and play events when a driver may be needed. Registered users receive free professional tech support that can be contacted through a variety of channels, such as email, phone, and remote screen sharing. The real-time support team is available to help customers, with services that include accurate and comprehensive diagnosis to assess the state of computer devices, reviewing recommended updates for missing or outdated drivers, and expert advice for resolving driver-related issues.

As a global player in the IT industry, Driver Support takes great pride in its relationships with leading partner companies, who share the same values in excellent products and service. The company has strong and long-lasting partnerships with Microsoft, Symantec, and Truste, which assure customers a strict adherence to all Microsoft software quality standards, the promotion of Symantec security solutions and top-of-the-line privacy protection based on the Truste’s Trusted Download certification.