Driver Support Is First Driver Utility Company To Offer Free Assisted Customer Support

Written on:January 30, 2015
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Driver Support Is First Driver Utility Company To Offer Free Assisted Customer Support

Driver Support Is First Driver Utility Company To Offer Free Assisted Customer Support

AUSTIN, TX – Driver Support, the market leader in downloadable software applications, is the first driver utility company to provide professional phone support free of charge to assist subscribers around the clock. The expert sales and technical troubleshooting teams manning the hotlines ensure that the enterprise remains the undisputed number one with regards to customer service compared to competitors in the field.

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Driver Support offers superior driver solutions for Windows-based computer environments. Based on proprietary technology and an extensive database containing the most current drivers available online, the ingenious application helps users to save time looking for matching drivers and optimize the performance of their computers and peripheral devices. New customers can take advantage of a free trial download to explore all the benefits and functions. During that period, the pre-sales team in Texas is available from 8 am to 4 pm (CT) to answer questions about the software and subscription options.

Upon the installation of the advanced proprietary tool, users can call the 24/7 customer service number that can be found on the website, in the confirmation email, and in the software to contact the technical support, which is available to registered as well as to first-time users. To speed up the processing time and increase the efficiency and quality of responses, Driver Support set up two separate support hotlines for new clients and for existing subscribers, taking into consideration that inquiries from experienced users tend to differ from questions novices generally have. The phone access if further subdivided to accommodate a variety of different scenarios and time intervals to guarantee optimized assistance at all times, resulting in an average resolution time of less than 40 minutes.

According to Bogdan Odulinski, Vice President Business Development at Driver Support, first-time users find assurance in the competence and legitimacy of the company by talking to the highly qualified representatives and appreciate the additional information they receive about the product. Registered users who are not computer savvy mostly call with questions about driver installations or because they need support with a technical issue.“ Asked about the most common reasons for incoming calls, Bogdan reveals that many customers particularly appreciate the time they save with the assisted services related to having their drivers updated and installed for them: “While the software is very easy to use, there is undeniable comfort in having a qualified agent walk you through the steps the first time,” he explains. “Additionally, customers are often pleasantly surprised by the education provided by the agents that show them how to maintain their systems on their own. They are educated about hidden areas such as startup items, scheduled tasks, and browser extensions that can affect system performance and impact Internet browsing, for example.”

Driver Support demonstrates customers how to resolve driver-related issues through accurate driver matching and simplified installation processes, which in return improves the overall computer performance and usability. Launched in 1996, the company today offers drivers for more than 600 device manufacturers and processes a staggering amount of 5,000 support requests per day from customers all over the world. The first driver installation under the helpful assistance of a service professional is free, a one-year subscription for just $29.95 allows users to access all functions of the tool and frequently update their system.

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